9 Signs It’s Time To Call A Professional Gutter Cleaner

Many North Carolina homeowners don’t realize how critical their home’s gutters are until there is a problem. Since your gutters are typically positioned to blend into the exterior of your home’s decor, they can easily be forgotten. At Absolute Exterior Cleaning in Charlotte, we’ve helped hundreds of homeowners improve the life and efficiency of their gutters through our professional gutter cleaning services. While there are many tell-tale signs it’s time to call a gutter cleaning specialist, below are some of the most common.

Image of clogged gutters

Plants Are Growing In Your Gutter

If you start to notice grass, plants or flowers sprouting from your home’s gutters, it could be time to contact a professional. Due to the positioning of your home’s gutters, it’s very possible that there’s a good amount of expelled dirt from your roof slowly building up in them. Under normal and moist gutter conditions, a little dirt can help create the ideal growing environment for grasses, weeds and even flowers. If plant seeds get washed away from your roof and blown into your gutter on a windy day, you’ll start to see signs of plant growth soon enough.

Your Gutter Overflows With Water When It Rains

While we all love the refreshing sight of a waterfall, your gutters should not overflow with water when it rains. When dirt from your roof is blown into your home’s gutters, it can result in clogging, which can greatly affect the efficiency of your gutters. When your gutters are clogged, they’re unable to perform the specific duty of ridding your home and the surrounding landscape of excess water. To avoid any further damage to your home’s foundation and gutters, contact an experienced gutter cleaner right away to clean and unclog your home’s gutters.

Front Yard Soil Erosion

When your home’s gutters are clogged and water starts to overflow onto your lawn, your front yard could be in serious jeopardy. When your yard’s soil is exposed to too much water, it will begin to erode and float away from the foundation area of your home. Erosion can also occur near the entryway of your downspouts if they’re not set up properly, causing damage to the surrounding landscape of your home.

Image of clogged gutters

Birds Are Residing In Your Gutters

Did you know that birds love to nest in clogged gutters? Gutters provide an ideal place for birds to build their nest in a sturdy and wind-free environment. If you start to notice bird nests in your gutters, you should contact a gutter cleaning specialist right away to remove any built up debris from the neighboring birds.

Your Home’s Gutters Start To Sag

Over the course of time, your home’s gutters can collect leaves, debris and rainwater, which can weigh them down and lead to costly repairs and replacements. If you start to notice your home’s gutters are sagging, or there’s a section of your gutter system that has come detached, contact a professional to inspect your gutters.

There Are Stains & Mildew On Your Gutters

If you start to notice any signs of staining or mildew growth, it could be an indication that there is standing water in your gutter system. If water isn’t properly flowing through your system, you could end up paying for costly repairs to replace damaged fascia boards situated behind your gutters. The foundation of your home could be at risk as well, so it’s always best to contact a professional to examine the health of your home’s gutters.

Your Gutter System Is Outdated

When a gutter system is outdated and old, there’s a good chance it’s age is contributing to any drainage problems that may be occurring. Old gutter systems made from aluminum can become easily dented and bent from years of harsh weather exposure and other external elements. If you can’t remember the last time you had your home’s gutters checked out by a professional, contact the gutter cleaning specialists at Absolute Exterior Cleaning in Charlotte today!

You Notice Water In Your Basement

When your home’s gutter system is not functioning as it should, it can cause serious damage to your home’s foundation. Over time, the pooling water in your gutters can make its way down your home’s foundation wall, eventually ending up in your basement. If you start to notice water pooling in low spots of your basement, it could be time to have your gutters checked out by a professional.

Water Drips From Your Gutters

If you notice small drips of water coming from your gutter system’s seams or corners, there is likely a functional problem that is causing them to drip water. This could mean there is a loose seam or a small hole somewhere that can easily be repaired by a gutter cleaning specialist.

Absolute Exterior Cleaning is proud to be a leader of gutter cleaning services in North Carolina. Whether you’ve noticed weeds growing in your gutter system, or you want to upgrade your old gutters for a more efficient model, our exterior cleaning experts can help. Contact us today to learn more about our services!